What is an Excel Template?

What is an Excel Template? Most of the computer users use Microsoft Excel mainly for calculation and dashboard purposes. The fact is that many times Excel is used for common purposes like EMI calculation, monthly budget planning, and so on. Suppose you have created an Excel workbook to calculate the loan amount you need to […]Read More

How to Connect to External Data in Excel?

How to Connect to External Data in Excel? In real world situations, you might have stored your students or employees database in external applications. If you wish to process the data, you might have to fetch it from Microsoft Access, SQL Server or even from plain .txt files. Excel offers different options to deal with […]Read More

How a Nested IF Function Works in Excel?

How a Nested IF Function Works in Excel? The IF function in Excel offers decision making capabilities to Excel worksheets. An IF function in Excel evaluates a logical test which has two possible outcomes: true or false. The function will carry out an action if the result is true and performs another action if the […]Read More

Group and Ungroup in Excel

Group and Ungroup in Excel Many times, you will have to group or ungroup rows or columns in Excel so that you can have an organized view of data. For example, you store the sales details by month and you wish to group data of a specific month. Here, grouping can be extremely useful to […]Read More

Formula Auditing in Excel

Formula Auditing in Excel Formula auditing is an effective option in Excel that helps you understand the relationship between formulas and cells. When you troubleshoot excel formulas or audit spreadsheets, different formula auditing tools will be of great help. You can find out the cell that is causing an error in calculation by identifying the […]Read More

Excel Goal Seek Feature

Excel Goal Seek Feature Goal seeking is the process of calculating backward to find out an input that would result in a specific output. This is also known as What-If analysis. Goal Seek function in Excel is a powerful feature that allows you to change the data used in a formula and find out how […]Read More

Excel Data Validation (Part 3)

Excel Data Validation (Part 3) There are many different options to set limits to the value that can be entered. If you check the Settings tab of the Data Validation window (Data -> Data Tools -> Data Validation -> Data Validation), you can see options like Whole number, Decimal, Date, Time, Text length etc. For […]Read More

Excel Data Validation (Part 1)

Excel Data Validation (Part 1) Many times, you will have to enter data into an Excel worksheet. Most of the times, the process of data entry is error-prone and time consuming. If you can validate data as and when it is entered in Excel, then it will improve the accuracy as well speed of data […]Read More

Excel Data Forms

Excel Data Forms Data forms make data entry easier in Excel by allowing you to enter data by filling available fields in the form. Many times, you will have to store data in databases for future reference. Excel helps you create data entry forms easily to collect information from users. We can use spreadsheets to […]Read More

Lookup and Reference functions in Excel

Lookup and Reference functions in Excel There are many useful lookup and reference functions in Excel that help users to get row/column information and also work with arrays of data. You could find these functions if you go to FormulasLookup & Reference as shown below. If you wish to get the cell reference in the […]Read More